Final Logo



For my final draft I did not want to change much in terms of the structure of my logo. I just wanted to find a color scheme that was eye catching and different. It took quite a bit of simply playing around with illustrator and finding tools that created exactly what I wanted, which at that point I was not 100% sure what I wanted but once I reached this draft I decided this is what I wanted. In illustrator there are a lot of different styles and patterns that can be used. I actually stumbled upon the patterns and different styles when I was simply  looking for different symbols for a diamond. I may not have found what I had originally been looking for but I am really pleased that I did. For the background I used coronation 9. I liked the intricate design of the medallion but I did not like the original color scheme. I had previously made a new mint green swatch and decided to make that the background color which subsequently changed the rest of the color scheme. I also utilized an effect on the text in the logo. The effect gives the text a black outline which really makes each letter pop from the background. One thing I really wanted to do for the final draft was make the circles in the corners look more like pearls, but I decided it wasn’t necessary. Since they represent a part of my sorority pin I decided that it isn’t necessary for them to be exactly like the pin. I also decided to move the ‘EST 1996’ to the bottom circle so that the only thing in the diamond was the letter M which I really wanted to be the focal point of the logo. Overall I am really pleased with my logo and I have even made it the background of my phone and laptop!


Draft Logo


When I first started to think about how to go about designing a logo that would represent me I thought about what I am involved in, what I like, and what would be clean and simple. I decided to make the center of my logo a diamond with the letter M. This diamond is similar to that of my sorority pin for ADPi, and also has pearls in the corners. My logo also draws inspiration from the official ADPi flower, which is the woodland violet which is why I decided to go with a purple color scheme. (

I also took into consideration of what logos are used for when working on my draft. Since logos can be used for small things like letter head and on the other hand it could be blown up on walls or posters. I decided that a not so complex design would be best. This is why I made the lines no less than one point so that they were easily visible and I made sure they were distinguished from one another by using variations of the same colors, gray and purple.

The pearls, or the white circles in the four corners of the diamond, originally did not  contain any writing. I then decided this was too bare and put my initials on three of the pearls. Not only do I wear pearls frequently but they are also on my sorority pin. Underneath the M originally did not have EST 1996. I added this after looking at my Tiffany necklace that had the companies founding year under the main writing, Tiffany on the necklace, and M on my logo. By adding these small bits of info it gives more background and info on me, which is what I made the logo for. I am really looking forward to getting feedback on this draft of my logo!

When I started the first draft of this collage I knew I wanted it to deal with my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. I kept to one theme of editing the photos I would put together. I made the images all black and white, then I went back in and added pops of color to what I though was the most significant aspect of the photo. I wanted the collage to be in the shape of a diamond, a symbol for ADPi. However I went about it the wrong way with the first draft and I was determined to figure out a way to make the diamond work.

Most of the feedback I received from my classmates surrounded the text on my collage. Most everyone suggested that I make the text bolder to help it stand out. However I didn’t want to make it the biggest focus of the collage, rather a supplement to tie it all together once you have viewed all of the images. Another suggestion I got was to make the colors more vibrant, which I neglected to do in the initial draft. I found these suggestions really helpful and gave me a good direction of where to go from the initial draft.

For the final edition of my collage I made a few minor adjustments. First off I really wanted to find a way for the images to be in a diamond shape. I did this by placing the rough draft of the collage as an imbedded image and rotated it about 45 degrees. I also added shading behind my quote “we live for each other”, which is my sorority’s open motto. I also made sure to increase the vibrancy and saturation to make the images pop more. Overall I think I took the comments of my classmates into consideration while still keeping it as my initial vision, just better and more polished.


Alpha Delta Pi collage