My Final Audio Story

For the audio story I really wanted to shed some light on Greek life. Many people have negative views on the Greek community, and to be honest I completely understand why. Often people who are not involved in the Greek community base many of their assumptions on Greek life off films like House Bunny, The Neighbors, and Animal House. These portrayals of Greek life are not a portrayal of Greek life in the real world, but simply films to entertain audiences. It hurts when I hear so many negative stereotypes placed on members of the Greek community by individuals who simply do not understand our community. I am not trying to say that there are not any Greeks that don’t fit the negative stereotypes, because there are, but I do want to point out that there are people who are not affiliated that fit the same stereotypes.

Working with audition was certainly not my favorite. In order to create a smooth sounding story I did a lot of cutting of sound, rearranging and even rerecording portions of the story. I used my iPhone to record videos and then converted them to audio files to edit in Audition. With that came a lot of noise when shifting the camera that I cut out. I also cut out “um’s”, deep breaths and lots of awkward pauses that I used to regain my thoughts. I had to rearrange many of the sound files because of cutting files. I also decided to move around some phrases and get rid of others while editing. I found that I kept listening to my story over and over again trying to find potions that needed better transitions or clearer wording. After identifying these I recorded new audio to fix these problems. Overall I am proud of both the message my story tells as well as the work I did in editing my story and making it what it is now. I hope you enjoy it!


Audio Story Rough Draft

For this assignment I wanted to stick with what my semester theme has seemed to evolve into which is basically greek life. In the Audition tutorials I started to gather some of the audio footage that I then decided to include in this assignment as well. The first thing I did was write about all the different things that I have to say about greek life at Washington State University and what I wish people knew about the amazing community that I am lucky enough to be a part of nation wide. I then found the things I felt that I would be able to discuss easily enough and find answerable questions to ask about the topic. I came up with an opening script and questions to ask a willing member of my sorority. First I recorded my opening which had quite a few mistakes with plenty of strange wording thrown in there. I decided this was ok because I could use many takes and if the wording wasn’t what I wanted it to be I could cut the audio and make sure the dialogue flowed smoothly, which I did for this draft. When it came time to asking questions to one of my sorority sisters my big diamond sister gladly volunteered. McKenna, my big diamond sister, was actually quite excited about the topic I had chosen for this project since she took the Comm 210 two years ago. Although her responses to the questions were quite insightful they contained many “likes”, “um’s”, and long pauses. I edited these out for this draft so her thoughts could be clearly understood without using fillers. When I went in to the Audition program I started editing the audio in a multi-track setting, however I saved it in Wave form so that it was a more streamlined file to work with in the future rather than having many tracks playing at certain times. Overall I am proud of the work I have done and am actually excited to see the kinds of comments I will receive and what my final audio story will be.

Raw Audio Footage

I decided to gather audio footage of myself and and interview I did with my big McKenna VanWell about the advantages of being a member of the greek community and the negative judgements and stereotypes that we face.


Audition Tutorials

This past week I have been working hard on understanding the basics of Adobe Audition. At times it was frustrating but I persevered and am much more confident in my abilities, so here is the work I have done this week, enjoy!

1.) Original unedited counting recording (out of order) – Tutorial #1

2.)Edited counting recording (counting in order with the audio background) – Tutorial #1

3.) Original unedited interview recording – Tutorial #2

4.) Edited interview recording with introduction – Tutorial #2


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