Video Story – Draft

I am so excited to share my rough draft video that I have been working on. I knew that I wanted to relate my video to what my topic has become which is my sorority Alpha Delta Pi. I took a lot of videos of different things around my chapter house that would allow for me to use voice over and explain further in depth the wonderful sisterhood that is Alpha Delta Pi.

When filming I tried to be steady with the camera which at times did not necessarily work out, but it worked out! I also tried to take short clips, around 10 seconds, from interesting angles. I thought this wold add some interest to very simple shots. If clips were either too long or short I simply used the rate stretch tool.

I added a song I found on sound cloud with creative commons to the background of the entire video. I only put the images from my video clips and not the audio since the audio was mostly just background noise and vacuum cleaners since I did a lot of my filming during an all house cleaning hour to make sure everything was clean.

For the final video I plan to add transitions between shots as well as more effects. For the draft I simply wanted to have a good foundation to build from. I also really wanted to have some outside input on what may make my video stronger from my classmates, any and all constructive suggestions are both welcomed and encouraged! Thanks for watching and reading!


Visual Elements

Audio Elements

0:00-0:05  ADPi sign outside Voice Over: Welcome to the Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at WSU
0:05-0:18  front of house, title: Alpha Delta Pi est 1851 Voice Over: Originally founded in 1851 in Macon, Georgia.ADPi came home to WSU in the fall of 1912.
0:18-0:26 mailbox with address and old pictures of sisters The Upsilon chapter house was built in the 1920s it has since been home to hundreds of women.

framed ADPI creed

All of the women who have resided in this house lived by Alpha Delta Pi’s open motto: We live for each other

wall of photos and summer fun photos

sisterhood and genuine friendship are extremely important to the members of Alpha Delta Pi, as is social development

sisters studying

Scholarship is taken very seriously by Alpha Delta Pi, Upsilon member must maintain at least a 2.8 GPA to remain in good standing

philanthropy boards

Alpha Delta Pi’s national philanthropy is Ronald McDonald House Charities since 1979 and has raised more than $8.9 million for rmh

First. Finest. Forever.

We Were here first, we got the finest, welcome to forever.
1:19-  1:27

Close up on sign outside

Alpha Delta Pi. Its not just four years…. It’s for life.

WSU ADPI art on wall and credits


Raw Video Footage

My two clips of raw footage will be used in the making of my video concerning how to make it through sorority recruitment. I will be doing a lot of editing and possibly re-shooting to shorten the longer clip. I also plan to use volunteers to model clothing for me and give advice on sorority recruitment.