Final Video

I was very pleased with the helpful comments I received from my classmates. I went into editing this final draft of my video with the knowledge I needed to really focus on the audio to improve the video’s effectiveness overall. I really wanted this video that I could share with my sorority sisters as well as get a good grade on.

With the first draft I recorded the voice overs on two separate days and one of the days I had a wicked sore throat. So this time around I decided to re-record the audio clips. I did this by simply using the Photo Booth on my MacBook air. This time I decided to use headphones with a microphone so the sound was more direct. This technique worked much better than the haphazard audio recordings in the draft video.

In Premier I replaced the old audio with the newly recorded audio. I kept the same video images I had recorded with my iPhone because I felt they already were exactly what I wanted for this project. I did however work on the initial title slide as well as the credits and fade out and dissolve of the audio and video at the end.

For the initial title sequence I wanted to make sure it appeared when the image of the chapter house was somewhat centered around the front door and gate. I did this since it seems a logical focal point when looking at a home as well as a centered object to also allow me to center the title.

I found a lot of inspiration for this video from a videos of real-estate properties for sale. My family is moving from Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona over the summer and over the past few months I have seen countless video tours of different homes. Many of them focus on key selling points of homes like the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Many of them also featured really artsy panning shots of various small details of the home. I tried to incorporate these elements in to the tour of my home.

Rather than giving house specs like square footage and things of that nature I focused on the selling points for sororities. Philanthropic ventures, history and legacy, requirements, as well as the values of the sorority are key selling points for sororities. I then used voice overs to communicate these selling points while the video image showed a feature of the house that had some relation to what I was speaking about.

As for the song I used I was simply looking for an upbeat song without lyrics so that my speaking was the focus even with music in the background. I found the song using sound cloud and downloaded it from Dexter Britain under a Creative Commons License which is why I credited him in the credits at the end of the video.

I am extremely pleased with the quality of video I was able to produce for this project. It was my first time putting together an video other then the premier tutorial, so I actually surprised myself with what I was able to come up with. I hope you enjoyed my video, let me know what you think!

Visual Elements Audio Elements
0:00-0:05  ADPi sign outside Voice Over: Welcome to the Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at WSU
0:05-0:18  front of house, title:

Alpha Delta Pi est 1851

Voice Over: Originally founded in 1851 in Macon, Georgia.ADPi came home to WSU in the fall of 1912.
0:18-0:26 mailbox with address and old pictures of sisters The Upsilon chapter house was built in the 1920s it has since been home to hundreds of women.
0:26-0:35 framed ADPI creed All of the women who have resided in this house lived by Alpha Delta Pi’s open motto: We live for each other
0:35-0:45 wall of photos and summer fun photos sisterhood and genuine friendship are extremely important to the members of Alpha Delta Pi, as is social development
0:45-0:54 sisters studying

Scholarship is taken very seriously by Alpha Delta Pi, Upsilon member must maintain at least a 2.8 GPA to remain in good standing

0:54-1:12 philanthropy boards Alpha Delta Pi’s national philanthropy is Ronald McDonald House Charities since 1979 and has raised more than $8.9 million for rmh

First. Finest. Forever.

We Were here first, we got the finest, welcome to forever.
1:19-  1:27

Close up on sign outside

Alpha Delta Pi. Its not just four years…. It’s for life.

WSU ADPI art on wall and credits

credits, music fades out

music from: