When I started the first draft of this collage I knew I wanted it to deal with my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. I kept to one theme of editing the photos I would put together. I made the images all black and white, then I went back in and added pops of color to what I though was the most significant aspect of the photo. I wanted the collage to be in the shape of a diamond, a symbol for ADPi. However I went about it the wrong way with the first draft and I was determined to figure out a way to make the diamond work.

Most of the feedback I received from my classmates surrounded the text on my collage. Most everyone suggested that I make the text bolder to help it stand out. However I didn’t want to make it the biggest focus of the collage, rather a supplement to tie it all together once you have viewed all of the images. Another suggestion I got was to make the colors more vibrant, which I neglected to do in the initial draft. I found these suggestions really helpful and gave me a good direction of where to go from the initial draft.

For the final edition of my collage I made a few minor adjustments. First off I really wanted to find a way for the images to be in a diamond shape. I did this by placing the rough draft of the collage as an imbedded image and rotated it about 45 degrees. I also added shading behind my quote “we live for each other”, which is my sorority’s open motto. I also made sure to increase the vibrancy and saturation to make the images pop more. Overall I think I took the comments of my classmates into consideration while still keeping it as my initial vision, just better and more polished.


Alpha Delta Pi collage


Why Me

For Com 210 we as students were asked to pick a topic that would be the basis for all of our work for the entire semester. When I saw that it was encouraged to pick yourself as your topic I was really excited. I figured I know more about myself than anyone else in the world and I already had all the information I would ever need and that the only research I would need to do was basically just thinking!

Another reason I was excited about picking myself as a topic was that I know that I am a more complex topic than something more fact based such as science research topics and topics that do not leave room for much emotional connection. I also think it helps me work more productively when I can connect with the topic of the work emotionally and on a level that requires a deeper understanding of the topic. I have learned since coming to college that it is always best to put yourself in a position that allows you the best shot at being successful in all aspects of life, especially in the class room.

When I first started brainstorming what the heck I was going to say in my first post as to why I decided to pick myself as my topic I had to do a lot of thinking. Obviously it makes sense to work with a topic that I know more about than anything else in the world. I then realized I also have a lot to say about myself and how I have become the person I am today.

A large reason I am the person I am today is because the influence boarding school had on my life. I spent my four years of high school at a boarding school in the mountains of Virginia. The most influential aspect of the experience didn’t necessarily come from the books I read or the courses I took. The most influential part of boarding school was the relationships I had with my fellow classmates. More than 70% of my fellow students were either foreign born students or American kids who were living abroad with their families.

Having my best friends come from places like Ghana, China, Spain, and Switzerland made for a very diverse friend group. The most interesting thing is that yes we all went to the same school, took similar classes, ate the same food, and lived amongst each other yet we were all so different. This made not just tolerable of other cultures but it made me curious about other cultures and the way that my friends backgrounds affected how they interacted with and saw the world. This is also a large reason I want to study communication, because even people living in the same society communicate differently and learning to communicate with people from all walks of life will help me become successful from a career standpoint as well as make me a more accepting and better citizen of the world.